Jul 30, 2009

Youtube Will Stop Support In IE6

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Youtube will not support more browsers IE6. User's browser software is expected to use another browser such as IE7 or IE8, google Chrome, Firefox or Apple Safari.

When visitors use IE6 Youtube.com then will appear the message "phasing out support for your browser soon."

Microsoft own more pressing to the user so that IE upgrade to IE8. Software such as the old IE6 is already behind. Although many are still using. It is expected that old software user and would like to switch upgrade latest browser.

The screenshot shows off the logos of Firefox 3.5, Internet Explorer 8 and Google Chrome right next to the 'phase out' banner. YouTube thus s
eems to be encouraging fans still loyal to update to IE6 to other better and advanced browsers.


If true, the company Google will be the most recent one to leave IE6 in the lurch. Recently even Digg's User Experience Architect Mark Trammell had hinted at not wanting to support IE6. He had revealed that the site was considering excluding important features like commenting and digging for IE6 users.

With popular sites stepping down on their support for IE6, I guess its time to say adios to the browser! Though, we still have to wait for an official announcement until we say our final goodbyes to the long-lived browser.

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