Jul 30, 2009

Began in 2010, Microsoft Office Free!

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Microsoft OfficeThe only exciting competition between the technology giant, Microsoft and Google. Tension in competition between the more they increase after Microsoft announced a version of the web will offer Microsoft Office 2010 for free. initiatives that Microsoft is certainly radical enough to be whale Google Apps, a free productivity software from Google.
According to the plan, the web version of Microsoft Office 2010 will be available in the second half of 2010. Provides the online version of this software Word, Excel and Powerpoint that can be edited directly via the user's Internet browser.

Web version of Office 2010 will work in a variety of popular browsers, including IE, Firefox or Chrome. But stressed that even though Microsoft may be more interesting rather than Google Apps, a web version of Office 2010 desktop version is not complete.

Bid free Microsoft Office is considered to be only a small impact for the business income. For the largest influx coming from the Microsoft corporate is likely to remain loyal akan buy desktop version of Office.

But obviously, contention between Microsoft and Google is increasingly hot. Previously, Google has launched an operating system Chrome to undermine Microsoft Windows. While the search engine from Microsoft Bing also exist in the chase Google. (BusinessReview / Seconds)

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